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Michelle had a long history of overcoming the challenges presented by living with multiple sclerosis. She was given the diagnosis in 1991. It was determined in 2010 that she had secondary progressive form. By definition this meant a steady decline for the rest of her life. Improvement would not occur, not even cyclic variation. By this time her walking had worsened to the point of being fitted for a wheelchair. She was determined to make a better life for herself. She was one of the brave early patients to venture abroad for help. She found a program in Bulgaria and was treated in July 2010. Her quality of life was immediately improved. After a 3-4 months these improvements faded, her symptoms having fully returned after 5 months.

Encouraged by her initial results from her treatment in Bulgaria but wanting longer lasting relief from her symptoms, she sought care with Dr. Arata, who performed her second procedure on January 2nd, 2011. Treatment resulted in an even more profound result. Autonomic symptoms including, fatigue, cognitive impairment, interrupted sleep, and bladder/bowel function improved. She no longer woke up with a headache.

Michelle returned to Synergy for a follow up treatment and Dr. Arata performed her third procedure on March 12, 2020. It has now been 15 months since her last treatment. She has experienced no relapse in autonomic symptoms during this time. Her MS progression halted and her brain MRI shows decreased brain lesions. She walks with a cane and sometimes around her house without any aid. She did so well she decided to have another child is now the mother of a beautiful 6 month old boy. A most wonderful gift she would not have for it not for the incredible courage and hope she exhibited in regard to her health. It is possible that a combination of technical improvements in how we treat patients, as well as the effect of patient lifestyle modifications may be responsible for the increasingly long lasting period of relief from symptoms.

Michelle tells her story in the videos below.

A Ceasefire in My War with MS (Uploaded to YouTube on Feb 22, 2020). Interview was taped in April 2011, 4 months post procedure.

WWGN Interview with Michelle Walsh (Uploaded to YouTube on Jun 6, 2020). 6 months post procedure.

Pre-treatment Video (Uploaded to YouTube on Jul 6, 2020). Michelle’s first treatment was in Bulgaria, July 2010.

Post-Treatment Video (uploaded to YouTube on Aug 15, 2020). One month after Michelle’s first treatment in Bulgaria, July 2010.

Post-Treatment Video (uploaded to YouTube on Sep 18, 2020). Two months after Michelle’s first treatment in Bulgaria, July 2010. She came to Synergy for additional treatment 6 months after this video was taken.

Post-Treatment Video (uploaded to YouTube on Aug 6, 2020 ). 13 months after Michelle’s first procedure in Bulgaria, and 8 months after Dr. Arata performed her second procedure.

July 2013 will mark 3 years since Michelle’s first treatment. She tells us to expect another video soon so stay tuned…

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