Treatment Process

Synergy Health’s treatment for patients with CCSVI, dysautonomia and other neurodegenerative conditions is comprehensive. From initial consultation through post-procedure care, all of your treatment is provided by our caring and competent team at our state-of-the-art medical facility.

Step 1. Initial Contact

We encourage any interested patients to contact Synergy Health toll free at 1- 877.792.2784. You may call or email us but the most thorough way to begin the process is by completing our Inquiry Form.

Step 2. Preliminary Evaluation

While Synergy is committed to providing treatment to all who could potentially benefit from our services, we must conduct a preliminary evaluation of each prospective patient’s medical condition prior to accepting them as a patient or scheduling any treatment. This screening process is to provide maximum patient safety and gauge potential efficacy. This evaluation is done remotely by phone after the initia Inquiry form has been completed. After a Synergy physician reviews your medical history forms and determines that you are an appropriate candidate, you’ll begin the scheduling process.

Step 3. Pre-treatment coordination and planning

After scheduling your procedure date, International Healthcare Providers (IHP) will coordinate all your travel and accommodation needs. Please visit or call 866.227.8402. To ensure patient safety, all patients must have a travel companion. IHP will assist with arranging companion care if needed.

Step 4. In Person Consultation and pre-procedure imaging

Your treatment at Synergy Health will begin with MRV diagnostic testing. Knowing your anatomy beforehand increases the efficiency and safety of your procedure. Following your MRV, Dr. Arata will discuss the results of your MRV and HRV testing. He will review symptoms and clinically diagnose autonomic dysfunction. It is of utmost importance that you inform him of any health issues you have and any medications you are currently taking. The risks, benefits and alternatives of the procedure will be discussed with you. Dr. Arata will answer all of your questions while you are under the care of our caring and competent staff.

Step 5. The Procedure

The Procedure is the key element of the treatment process. Your procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in our new state-of-the-art facility. You will be asked to arrive one and a half hours prior to your procedure. The procedure generally lasts about one hour. You will remain in the recovery area for a minimum of two hours.

Step 6. Post-procedure care

You will remain at Synergy Health’s medical center for post-procedure examination until you meet specific discharge criteria. Upon discharge, Synergy requires you to remain at the hotel in Newport Beach for a period of 48 hours after the procedure. You may return home at that time.

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