Preoperative Testing

1. What information and tests do you require before I get treated?

Comprehensive medical history, physical, MRI/MRV, and HRV test. Knowing your anatomy beforehand increases the efficiency and safety of your procedure. An MRV is the best test for depiction of venous anatomy. Therefore, to provide the utmost in patient safety, an MRV will be required prior to your treatment. If contraindications to the MRV exist, an alternative imaging study (venous doppler) will be performed.

2. I’ve had an Ultrasound (doppler) done of my veins, do I still need an MRV?

In most cases, yes. The diagnosis of CCSVI is made clinically based on medical signs and symptoms. We do not rely on imaging for the diagnosis of CCSVI. The intent of pre-procedure imaging is to define the anatomy which is best done with an ultrasound. Having a venous anatomy determined by an MRV is a major element of our focus on patient safety.

3. I’ve had an MRV at a location outside of your center but I would like be treated by Synergy. Can you still treat me?

Yes, but the CD of your images is required before we can treat you. We encourage you to send a copy of your CD to our office address:

Synergy Health
4501 Birch St.
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
Attn: CCSVI Patient Coordinator

5. Is the cost of the MRV included in the treatment program fee?

Yes, it is included.

6. Are specific blood pressure medications that are preferable to take prior to surgery?

You may continue to take the medications that your primary care physician has prescribed for you.

7. Can all the necessary testing needed be done at your clinic?

Yes, patients will undergo all pre-procedure testing at Synergy Health.

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