General FAQ’s

1. How long have you been treating patients with CCSVI?

We have been involved with CCSVI patients for more than two years. The Synergy Health partnership is unique as the only program in North America comprised of a specialist in performance of the CCSVI procedure and the other in the interpretation of CCSVI imaging studies such as the MRV and Doppler. Both doctors are Interventional Radiologists and Phlebologists.

Dr. Arata is the most experienced CCSVI physician in the world, having performed the CCSVI procedure over 1500 times. Dr. Hewett specializes in CCSVI diagnostic imaging. He was the first radiologist trained in MRV interpretation by Dr. He is the most experienced CCSVI radiologist in the world having interpreted approximately 1500 CCSVI MRV’s.

2. How many CCSVI patients have you treated?

We have performed approximately 2000 CCSVI procedures – more than anyone in North America.

3. Do you treat patients that live outside of the United States?

Yes. As a matter of fact the majority of the CCSVI patients that Synergy Health has treated come from abroad. We’ve treated patients from every continent (besides Antarctica), with the most predominant country of origin being Canada.

4. May I speak with patients you have treated?

Federal laws prohibit disclosure of protected health information.

5. Why should I choose Synergy Health?

Synergy Health is the only CCSVI group in the country with two Board Certified Phlebologists who specialize in the treatment of venous disorders. Just as important, Synergy Health provides comprehensive care in our new safe, state-of-the-art environment. Our treatment program is uniquely designed to optimize patient safety.

6. Are your physicians ‘Board Certified’?

Yes. Each of our physicians is Board Certified Interventional Radiologists. In addition, since Synergy Health specializes in venous diseases, we have two physicians who are also Board Certified in Phlebology, the study of veins.

7. Have your physicians had ‘fellowship training’?

Yes. Each of our physicians has completed a fellowship in endovascular procedures. Since endovascular techniques are the ones used in the treatment of CCSVI patients, we feel fellowship training is very important to ensuring expert care and maximum safety for our patients.

8. Are your facilities and centers ‘accredited’?

The Synergy Health Medical Center was specifically designed and built to specialize in Interventional Radiology procedures such as venograms, angiograms, angioplasties, and stenting. Our center is not required to have a designated accreditation like hospitals so there is no formal ‘certificate’ or ‘accreditation’.

9. If there was an emergency, do you work at hospitals in your area or just at Synergy Healths’ medical center?

As a private group specializing in a wide range of treatments and diseases, we have active privileges at several area hospitals. We provide both inpatient and outpatient services at these hospitals on a daily basis.

10. If the need arises for hospitalization, does the Treatment Program fee include that bill as well?

No, all services rendered that are not listed on the Treatment Program webpage are the patient’s responsibility.

11. Do you offer travel insurance?

Synergy Health does not; however, International Healthcare Providers may have access to information and contacts to provide you with these services.

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