Patient Surveys

Synergy Health Concepts recognizes that to maintain or improve our quality of care, we need to continuously monitor patient expectations and results.

One important way we measure this is by determining how you feel both before and after your procedure. We accomplish this by collecting information at specific time intervals during the course of your care, so we can accurately compare it.

You can complete these surveys in the privacy and convenience of your home. Your information will be used anonymously in our research to help improve the understanding of patients suffering with symptoms of dysautonomia (autonomic dysfunction), CCSVI, and associated medical conditions.

All of the information that you provide in our surveys remains private and will not be released to any outside sources. On the first page of the questionnaire, your date and birth and name is requested; however this is not used to identify you. It is only used as a way to track each anonymous patient’s response to the treatment over time.

Thank you for helping us in our efforts to provide quality care and treatment to our patients.

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CCSVI Research Survey
Synergy Health Concepts Patient Satisfaction Survey

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