Treatment Program Timeline

Synergy Health’s Treatment Program requires that the patient stay near our medical center in Newport Beach, California. Patient consultation, diagnostic testing, procedure and follow-up care are all provided in our state-of-the-art medical facility.

Normally you will be in Southern California for five days and four nights. Days 1 and 5 are travel days, and during days 2, 3, and 4 you will be at Synergy for your evaluation, procedure and post-op follow up. IHP can help coordinate ground transportation and hotel accommodations during your stay in southern California.

Day 1: Travel to Synergy Health
1. Travel to Newport Beach, California.
2. Pre-arranged Transportation from SNA airport to your hotel.
Day 2: Diagnostic Testing & Review Results
1. Pre-arranged transportation to Synergy for your scheduled imaging studies.
2. Diagnostic testing including MRV and R-R interval testing.
3. Consultation with Dr. Arata at our medical center. Review MRV/HRV test results.
4. Pre-arranged transportation will return you to your hotel.
Day 3: The Procedure
1. You will be transported to the Synergy medical center prior to your procedure.
2. Our physician will perform the procedure.
3. Recovery in post-procedural recovery suite.
4. You will be transported back to your hotel upon meeting discharge criteria.
(For your safety, we require you to remain in the immediate area during the day following your procedure)
Day 4: Post-Procedure Check
1. Pre-arranged transportation to Synergy for follow up appointment.
Day 5: Travel Home
1. Pre-arranged transportation will take you to SNA airport for your return trip home.

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