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Charlotte is a young woman diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). She also contracted Lyme as a little girl. She underwent extensive autonomic dysfunction evaluation at several centers including the Mayo Clinic. Despite being treated with midodrine and fludrocortisone she continued to have symptom progression.

As an active and intelligent young lady, the fatigue and cognitive dysfunction were particularly troubling. The dizziness with change of position or exercise, typical of POTS, also had an extremely detrimental effect on her quality of life. After undergoing the TVAM (Transvascular Autonomic Modulation) procedure February 19, 2020, she is now symptom free and no longer taking midodrine or fludrocortisone.

On Sept 8, 2020, FOX CT published a follow-up interview with our patient Lotty. She talked about her upcoming three-month expedition to the Brazilian Amazon as part of the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Feeling Strong Again, Planning A Trip To The Amazon

In February, a California doctor restored normal blood flow to the left side of Lotty Vigue’s body.

“I had Lyme disease, and that really didn’t affect me much at first.

“It was the average Lyme symptoms. In eighth grade it really hit me … the autonomic dysfunction. My mom was online researching different ways to handle the condition because we had gone to the Mayo Clinic and they told us some ways we could handle it. But we were trying to find something a little bit better because I wasn’t doing too well.

“They went in with a small needle through my thigh, then up through my back and then up through my jugular vein and blew up a small balloon and reset my autonomic nervous system and broke through a membrane that had been there my entire life. I automatically felt a rushing of blood on my left side and I came out and my mom said, “Oh my gosh your face has color in it!”

Vigue, 18, of Chester, has recovered from a medical procedure to fix her vein, and has decided to take a year off before studying animation. She flew into the Brazilian Amazon this past weekend to join her teammates at the National Outdoor Leadership School for a three-month expedition.

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Her mother was recently interviewed for the efforts she made to find relief for her daughter. This video below is from the “Mommy Minute” featured story by FOX CT.

FOX CT ( “Mommy Minute” Featured News Story - Originally Aired May 27, 2020 (97 days post-treatment)

Mom’s Fight For Treatment And Diagnosis Changes Daughter’s Life

By SARAH CODY, FOX CT, May 27, 2020

Sometimes parents hear an assessment or a diagnosis about their child that just doesn’t feel right. But it can be easy to listen to a voice of authority, such as a principal or pediatrician, and doubt ourselves.

But after countless visits to doctors, many frustrating years and one startling revelation, a Chester mother hopes to inspire us to trust our instincts and advocate loudly for our kids.

“You just have to keep plugging, you have to keep hoping, keep pushing, keep researching,” says Liz Squire-Vigue.

Frantic about her child’s declining health, she read books and challenged experts until she found a solution that has turned her daughter’s life around.

Read the full story here:,0,6931966.story

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