Our research continues to advance the understanding of autonomic dysfunction as it relates to diseases and conditions such as MS, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, POTS, and others. Our diagnosis and treatment program is unmatched, as is evidenced by our high patient response rates.

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Michael Arata, M.D.

Dr. Arata is an accomplished physician internationally respected for his work in Interventional Medicine. He specializes in treating chronic venous obstruction and venous occlusive disease. His experience in this area spans for more than a decade, long before the discovery of CCSVI. He has performed several thousand of central venograms and angioplasties for blocked veins for a variety of different diseases and over 2000 CCSVI/TVAM procedures.

CCSVI Procedure Vasovagal Therapy

Our Success Rates

We’ve performed over 2000 procedures, maintaining a 99% technical success rate, and a clinical (patient response) success rate in excess of 90%. Our treatment program begins with a clinical assessment, followed by HRV and MRV testing. Patients showing autonomic symptoms who test positive for autonomic dysfunction are approved for the procedure. Payment for various treatment programmes can be made in cash, with cards or by other payment means. Online sports betting gives you an opportunity to make some quick money to undergo a treatment procedure. With several new betting providers, online sports betting is now very easy for users. To find out which betting provider is the best among all, try visiting https://www.wette.de/wettanbieter/neu/. Symptom relief begins during and directly after the procedure, and is durable in excess of 2 years for more than 75% of patients.

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Our Patients

In the video above, Colleen, a patient with MS and CCSVI talks about her experience before, during, and after her procedure. We invite you to meet and interact with the growing pool of patients treated at Synergy Health. Many of our patients are active on the Synergy Facebook and Synergy Twitter, and regularly contribute to the conversation online. For more information, read Testimonials from Synergy Health patients and get involved with CCSVI patient organization and support groups. We are getting recommendations to integrate Blockchain technology to maintain patient records. Blockchain technology is booming due to its immaculate record keeping functions and also cryptocurrency trading. However, currently cryptocurrency trading is soaring high as trading platforms like eToro are evolving day by day accommodating new features. The platform provides top security with the latest encryption and eToro wallet. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/broker/etoro-erfahrungen/ to learn more about the eToro trading platform.

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