Liberation Therapy

The term “Liberation Therapy” was originally adopted by the MS community and is used interchangeably with the term “CCSVI procedure”.

The feeling of being “liberated” most likely refers to the immediate relief from symptoms felt by patients during and directly after the CCSVI procedure.

What to Expect from the Procedure

Patients undergoing the procedure experience relief from autonomic symptoms, with improvements including the lifting of “brain fog” (improved cognitive function), warm hands and feet (improved thermal regulation), and improved walking.

The other derivation of the term “Liberation Therapy” is the idea that the CCSVI procedure “liberates” patients from their disease. Unfortunately, the CCSVI procedure was introduced to the world as a cure for MS, but that assertion is not supported by scientific data.

Promising Clinical Data

While the CCSVI procedure is not a cure for MS, there is data to support it as a treatment for the autonomic dysfunction that is present in the majority of MS patients.

In fact, the symptoms of autonomic dysfunction, including fatigue, sleep disturbances, altered cognitive function (brain fog), thermal intolerance, headaches, and bladder or bowel dysfunction, are most responsible for the reduced quality of life seen in many MS patients.

At Synergy we have found in excess 90% of MS patients treated for autonomic dysfunction respond positively. Relief from autonomic symptoms may be accompanied by improvements in neurological symptoms specific to MS such as weakness, numbness, and visual changes in approximately a third of patients. Improved balance, walking, and reduced spasticity approximately half of patients.

For more information, please visit our page on the CCSVI procedure for MS patients.

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