ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a rapidly progressive neurodegenerative disease with no known treatments.

Patients with ALS may also suffer from autonomic dysfunction, or dysautonomia. Symptoms of autonomic dysfunction include fatigue, sleep disturbances, altered cognitive function (brain fog), cold or heat intolerance, headaches, and bladder or bowel dysfunction.

An ongoing scientific study conducted at Synergy Health with a growing pool of patients with autonomic dysfunction (over 600) has shown definitive results in favor of TVAM (Transvascular Autonomic Modulation).

Preliminary Results

While there are no published scientific reports on TVAM as a treatment for ALS and though our own sample size is too small to be conclusive, we have had positive preliminary results in treating patients with ALS.

Improvements in energy, sleep, breathing, and speech have been noticeably apparent. While we wait for scientific results, it is becoming more and more common to find patient testimonials on various forums and websites online that report improvements after the CCSVI procedure (TVAM). Though testimonials are not scientific, they do show promise.

Because of the rapid progression of the disease, randomized controlled trials are simply not possible. The harsh reality is that patients with ALS have few options currently available to them.

Where We Now Stand

It is our position that because ALS advances so rapidly and since there are no available treatments, we can advocate TVAM on a compassionate use basis. The procedure addresses the symptoms of autonomic dysfunction shared by all neurodegenerative diseases, including ALS.

Advances in the use of TVAM as a treatment for ALS can only be possible if we proceed with less definitive data and if both doctor and patient are willing to push the frontier. Our hope is to establish a viable treatment that may help improve quality of life or possibly even slow progression of the disease.

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If you are a patient or know someone with ALS and are interested in more information on TVAM, please contact us toll free at (877) 792-2784 or (949) 221-0129.

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