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Results of Study Published: Treating Autonomic Dysfunction in MS Patients

journal of endovascular therapy june 2014 coverMichael Arata, MD of Synergy Health Concepts and Zohara Sternberg, PhD published the results of a new study on Transvascular Autonomic Modulation (TVAM) in the June 2014 edition of the Journal of Endovascular Therapy.

TVAM is an innovative treatment that may provide relief for MS patients suffering from symptoms of sympathetic autonomic dysfunction, including fatigue, brain fog, bladder and bowel dysfunction, and thermal intolerance. Autonomic dysfunction is frequently present in patients with multiple sclerosis and might be responsible for many of the most disabling symptoms experienced by these patients.

The study found TVAM to be more efficacious than traditional balloon angioplasty at resolving this symptoms in patients with MS while the safety profile of the TVAM procedure compared favorably to that of the traditional procedure.

Read more about the study here:

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