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TREAT ALS Portfolio: Funding for 10 New Awards for New Therapies

The ALS Association’s TREAT ALS Portfolio will fund ten new awards. These awards will fund: clinical/research studies for improved ALS treatments drug discovery contracts grants All of this funding goes to some very innovative projects. With so much ingenuity involved, it’s hard not to be hopeful! Read more: ALS Association

Vector-Borne Disease Create New Public Health Challenges

Lyme disease belongs in the classification of vector-borne zoonotic diseases that present a challenge to public health. Vector-borne means that the pathogen naturally infects wildlife. This type of disease is transmitted via vectors. In the case of Lyme, the vector would be a tick. Read more: Emerging Vector-Borne Diseases Create

MS Breakthrough in Phenytoin?

Phenytoin may be the next big breakthrough in multiple sclerosis. Some researchers believe it may halt the progression of the disease. Evidence shows that Phenytoin helps stop the nerve fiber damage found in MS. For 60 years, Phenytoin has been used to treat epilepsy. It has a great track record.

Make Your First CCSVI Procedure Your Only One

Patients seeking the CCSVI procedure are generally very well informed and have done considerable research before booking their appointment. More often than not, travel to the medical facility is necessary, requiring time away from work and family as well as planning and logistics. The hope for patients is that the

Shop for MS

According to the Stu’s Views and MS News blog, shopping at means that you can save money for the holidays and beyond, as well as help the fight against MS: For the holidays and beyond, please do your online purchases thru : - Once registered (use [email protected] as

Parkinson’s Christmas Cards and Products

Parkinson’s Disease Christmas cards can be found at Combine the fun of the holidays with raising awareness for a cure! Even better, there are other products to browse and buy. An iPod touch case, a teddy bear, a throw pillow, a button, a wall clock, sweatshirt/t-shirts, cups, pajamas, tote

Adult Stem Cells Progress: Video 7

MSajourneyfromwithin is the YouTube user name of a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient and vlogger. MSajourneyfromwithin woke up one day to find the whole right side of his body paralyzed. He went to the ER and was admitted into the hospital, where he found out he has MS. He went through

Chemical Switch for Neurodegenerative Diseases Discovered

University of Montreal researchers used a model to identify and “switch off” neurodegenerative diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This discovery also holds huge promise for Huntington’s disease patients. Dr. Alex Parkers says: “Our model revealed that increasing another cell chemical called progranulin reduced the death of neurons by combating

Bacteria Hijacks Host Cell, Creates Own Food Supply, Becomes Infectious

Tick-borne disease bacteria in people creates it own food supply through a hijacked process in host cells. The hijacking prevents the normal process of killing the bacteria. This allows the bacteria to become infectious. The bug is called Anaplasma phagocytophilum (Ap), and it hijacks through the secretion of a protein.

Loss of Myelin in Mental Illness

The protective nerve fiber myelin—whose loss figures into the development of multiple sclerosis—may also play into the development of mental illness. A new study shows that depriving mice from social contact leads to the lessening of myelin, which shows that environmental changes affect the growth of new oligodendrocytes. Read more: