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CCSVI is one of the most controversial topics in modern medical history. CCSVI is held in particular disdain within the neurologic community. University of Buffalo researchers issued a press release regarding their study of CCSVI on March 15th, which was followed shortly by the annual meeting of the American Academy

Carnival of MS Blogs #135

This week, the carnival features these following showstoppers: Lucky Girl from A Little of Everything With a Grain of Salt from Needle Fatigue YouTube Therapy: Making MS Manageable with the World Wide Web from Katie Brind’Amour of Don’t miss all the action! Read more: Carnival of MS Bloggers #135

Ways to Maximize Your Time in the Gym

Joining a gym is easy, but how do you stick to a workout plan as well as make it worth your time? As Brett Hoebel says, “Fitness is not about being than someone else…It’s about being better than you used to be.” Find out how to be a better you

Using Deep Brain Stimulation to Fight Disease Inside the Brain

Experts expect that the 90,000 patients currently treated for Parkinson’s per year will rise 25% annually. Treating this 95,000 people involves the standard Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), which means electrically stimulating the central or peripheral nervous system, but the cost of this procedures is hefty and the side-effects can be

Chris Wright Battles MS, Joins Mavericks

Have you hear the amazing news about Chris Wright? He just signed with the Dallas Mavericks for a 10 day deal and is the first person to acknowledge playing with MS in the NBA. While playing in Turkey last year, he suffered an MS flare. The doctor there told him

Top 5 Synergy Articles for the Week of March 11, 2020

The Top 5 Synergy Articles for the Week of March 11, 2020 are… First up this week, an exciting announcement! A one-of-a-kind neuroscience institute founded by Nova Southeastern University hopes to crack some of the world’s most baffling diseases by finding their causes, innovating treatment, and actually treating patients. The

New MRI Fingerprint Method for Early Disease Detection

Certain cancers, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and other diseases could be spotted early by an innovative new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) method. The onset of disease is when it’s most treatable. This new method focuses on each body’s and disease’s unique “fingerprint”. Read more: Early Identification Of Disease Via New

Caregiving Tips for Lewy Body Dementia

Lewy body dementia (LBD) remains a much under-diagnosed disease, though it is the second most common form of progressive dementia. It consists of a combo of cognitive, motor, and behavioral symptoms that presents a challenge for ongoing care. Find out tips to help with LBD continuing care. Read more: 5

Shemar Moore on His Cause: Defeating MS

Shemar Moore, star of the hit TV show Criminal Minds, has a post up about his fight against MS plus a link to a video made last year during his annual bike ride against MS. Moore’s mother suffers from MS. Because this week is MS Awareness Week, he is once