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9 Ways to Live Better with Dysautonomia

If you suffer from dysautonomia, you may feel as if your life and body are spinning out of control. You might faint in public. You could wilt in hot weather or lose the strength to work and visit friends. Since your symptoms often subside when you lie down, you may

Video: Jack Osborne Talks About Having MS

After having been diagnoses with MS earlier this year, Jack Osborne and his mom, Sharon, talk about the process of his diagnosis and about his experience with MS (he had symptoms 3-4 years before being diagnosed). He decided to go public with his diagnosis in order to raise awareness about

Dysautonomia: Symptoms and Diagnosis

Dysautonomia is a broad term that encompasses many different symptoms. The term refers to any malfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS controls involuntary functions such as digestion, breathing, sweating and heart rate. When something goes wrong, issues ranging from sweating and weakness to constipation or diarrhea can

MS Stress

Stress is bad for MS, but is all stress bad? Because…if you are planning a big event, you are under a lot of stress, but not many people would look at it like a negative thing. So how do you gauge what kind of stress is good and bad for

Study: Acupuncture Benefits

Researchers from the University, Seoul, Korea, report in CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics that acupuncture greatly benefits Parkinson’s disease. They claim it reactivates part of the brain that Parkinson’s deactivates. Scientists are carrying out more and more studies and experiments in regards to acupuncture. Read more: Acupuncture Helps Parkinson’s Patients

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Many people with MS follow complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as part of their treatment program, which means they rely on something other than mainstream medicine at least part of the time. Of course, not every bit of a disease can be treated by CAM. But for pain, stress management,

Celebrities with Lyme Disease

Yes, celebrities! Look who you are in good company with: actress Jamie Lynn Sigler former president George W. Bush actress Parker Posey model Christie Brinkley musician Daryl Hall author Amy Tan author Alice Walker actor and paparazzi lover, Alec Baldwin While it’s true that Lyme disease doesn’t get as much

Helping the ALS Cause

Think about how much do you do to help find a cure for ALS. Perhaps you have it, or know someone who does. The devastation this disease causes is something that cannot easily be put into words; you know that. But does that difficulty make you avoid dealing with it,

Gingko Biloba not Helpful to MS Cognition

For years, patients with various illnesses from MS to severe pain have taken Gingko Biloba in hopes of lessening the affects of their condition. Gingko Biloba has long been touted as a way to improve memory and brain functioning, as well as preventive of several diseases. But now researchers are

Help Needed for Dementia Crisis

Scientists are begging for more help with the alarming dementia crisis that is overtaking the United Kingdom (UK). As people live longer, the drug companies and other researchers are still failing to find a way to help maintain the brain. They urge more people to donate their brain to science