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Dr. Arata Interviewed on New Treatment for Patients with Fibromyalgia

Early in December of 2013, Amy Mullholand “The Fibro Frog” interviewed Dr. Arata about a new treatment for Fibromylagia patients called TVAM (transvascular autonomic modulation). In the interview Dr. Arata explains the connection between small fiber neuropathy (inflammation of the autonomic nerve fibers) and fibromyalgia, and how TVAM is able to restore balance to the body by improving autonomic function. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

TFF: Do you have any theories on what causes Fibromyalgia?

Dr. Arata: “At least for a portion of patients it appears to be an inflammatory autonomic neuropathy. As to what sets that off it is helpful to step back and think in general terms. Most chronic illness, particularly inflammatory ones, can be traced back to antecedents and triggers. Antecedents include things like genetics and exposures. Triggers are stressful events that occur just before disease onset. These can be emotional, trauma, infection etc. Intestinal permeability and SIBO are likely culprits for what sets off Fibro.”

TFF: What led to the conclusion that many with Fibro also have SFN?

Dr. Arata: “I am not sure what lead the researchers to study the nerve fibers. It likely was similar to my experience working with MS patients. The overwhelming number of patients with autonomic symptoms was to hard to ignore. I didn’t have a neurology background which helped. I think in many cases it contributes to an elephant in the room phenomenon as the autonomic piece is often neglected.”

TFF: How is the TVAM procedure performed?

Dr. Arata: “It is an endovascular procedure. That means “within the vessel”. In this case it is inside the central veins. A balloon is inflated to stimulate the nerves associated with the vein.”

Read the full interview here:



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