Dr. Harris Uses Cutting Balloon

At Synergy Health, we strive to provide complete treatment of patients during their first treatment. We use the largest, highest pressure balloons available, and use the most advanced techniques in the World when treating our patients.

Cutting balloons are very specialized products not available everywhere. The fact that they are infrequently used, along with their very high cost, prohibits most centers from carrying them in their stock of equipment available during CCSVI procedures. However, at Synergy Health Concepts, with the volume of patients we see and our commitment to complete CCSVI treatment, carrying all the proper equipment, regardless of cost, is important for our patients.

Cutting Balloon Treatment

Cutting Balloon Picture

Dr. Todd S. Harris of Synergy Health Concepts performed the CCSVI procedure using a ‘Cutting Balloon’. This special type of balloon is made with very small blades that protrude from the outside of the balloon when it is inflated. These blades gently ‘cut’ the inside of arteries or veins to allow complete opening of the blood vessel. Cutting balloons are often used in very hardened arteries or veins where a significant amount of calcium or scar tissue is seen. This type of balloon was used to successfully open an abnormal valve found inside of a jugular vein during the CCSVI procedure.

“During the CCSVI procedure, we always use large, high pressure balloons. These balloons normally open 99% of the abnormal valves that we treat. However, in this particular patient, the valve would not open completely” Dr. Harris describes.

30-50% Blockage of Left Jugular Vein

Residual Blockage or 'Waist' / Incomplete Treatment

“This left a residual blockage inside the vein. Normally, we are able to use the ‘parallel wire’ technique where an additional wire is placed next to the balloon to help tear the valve open. However, even with this technique, the balloon would not open. Therefore, I decided to use a cutting balloon inside of the vein. Once I inflated the cutting balloon, the valve tore and the vein opened completely.”

Cutting Balloon On Right, Waist Still Seen

Cutting Balloon on Right, Completely Open

“Once the valve was completely opened, the original high pressure balloon was replaced into the vein to ensure complete treatment.”

Complete Treatment of the Valve / No Remaining Waist

Vein Completely Open

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